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Savage-Raynham Wedding

Here's what my clients are saying...

"We are tremendously grateful to have worked with Cynthia for our wedding. She skillfully guided us through the planning of our ceremony by helping us to articulate our values and beliefs about partnership and our future together.
We came away with a clearer vision for our ceremony as well as a renewed perspective on our relationship. Cynthia tailored our ceremony in a way that highlighted our individual strengths as well as our strengths as a couple. She is highly reliable and resourceful and wonderfully supportive. We can not recommend Cynthia enough to plan and perform your wedding."
- Jocelyn and Chris Raynham
Cynthia contributed greatly to making our wedding day the most joyful experience of our lives.  During the ceremony planning process she offered space for Willie and I to reflect on our relationship, explore how we wanted to symbolize our love, and to set an intention for our future.  We will be forever grateful for Cynthia's warm, supportive, and spiritual presence at the commencement of our marriage.
- Sarah

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